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Ian Hulme
United Kingdom
The pictures here are mainly related to my current project - The HeavenField. It's a dark science-fiction novel I wrote and have released on my website as a serialised audio book.

It's free to listen to and you can find it at my website

I have also spent many years as a traditional artist working with oils on canvas.
You can find more stuff on my Painting website

Book Three

Thu Dec 16, 2010, 4:14 AM
The HeavenField


Just to let you know that the recording of Book 3 of The HeavenField is well under-way!

I've put up a page where you can check on how it's progressing:…

I've also been working hard on a sequel to the HeavenField story, which is now almost finished (apart from some editing), so I'm really excited about how the story is unfolding.

As well as all that, I've been compiling an artbook, which will be an encyclopaedia of everything to do with the HeavenField (Locations, People, Creatures, Vehicles and Weapons). It's reached over 200pages of Illustrations and text, and I'll put some pages up soon so you can have a look.



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cyrus-crashtest Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011
great work on the audiobook - enjoying the accompanying art now as well. i look forward to the next run of episodes.
HeavenField Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
Thanks Cyrus! Great portfolio. :)
cyrus-crashtest Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
nae worries! - and cheers
D00Mdeath1 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011
Your audio book is alsome one of the best i listen to in a while
HeavenField Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
ansley88 Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
I usually have a hard time sticking to audio books, but yours was surprisingly one of the few I was instantly hooked on! Looking forward to having the paperbacks, as well!
HeavenField Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
Hey, that's great! Thankyou! :)
I'm hoping to have the final part of the HeavenField out in paperback soon.
ZirconLupa Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
I think it's unfair that you post so fantastic teasers (The Heavenfield - Episode One) on your site, especially when one has to read what one considers to be boring literature such as the Great Gatsby for one's literature class. *sighs* I will indeed have to check this out though. The title leaves me curious as well... Hmm. I'm thinking Angels. Better not be aliens o_O
HeavenField Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010

Thanks for your comments! :)
Cheylash Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010
nice work brad,,, ^___^
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